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IEF -2009

International Energy Forum Innovations. Infrastructure. Safety took place in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (6 Ilyinka str., Moscow) on December 17, 2009. The purpose of the event was to reveal the strategic objectives relevant to the Russian fuel and energy complex (FEC) in the medium term, to discuss the ways of implementing them as well as the problems faced by specialized companies. Thus, the participants discussed the problems of introducing innovative technologies in the FEC such as the development of new efficient environment-friendly technologies for the extraction, production, transportation and use of fuel and energy resources. The issues related to the development and introduction of technologies for using new energy sources, conventional and unconventional crude hydrocarbons did not go unnoticed.

The important part of the Forum was a discussion on how to create an efficient system for resisting the risks of emergency situations in the FEC. In particular, what the mechanism should be like for consolidating the efforts of the government and the business community to create the conditions ensuring the higher-than-anticipated economic growth and safe, balanced areal and infrastructural development.

The Forum became a discussion site for the business community representatives and the government agencies, a site for public and private partnership in the FEC.

The following events were held within the framework of the Forum:

  • Expanded meeting of the Interagency Working Group on Innovative Laws at the RF Presidential Administration during which there was a whole series of discussions concerning the ways of solving the problems related to energy conservation and energy efficiency, the prospects of developing the nuclear, thermonuclear and alternative energy forms in our country, the problems of environmental safety in the FEC;
  • Roundtable discussion on FEC safety covering the legislative initiatives in the field of safety while extracting, producing and transporting the energy utilities, protection of hazardous FEC facilities. These include: ways to enhance the industrial and environmental safety while developing the oil and gas, petrochemical and nuclear power projects, the improved protection of computer databases from external threats. The discussion also covered the problems of upgrading Russian hydroelectric and thermal power plants.
  • The Final Plenary Meeting included a discussion concerning the ways of real interaction between the government and the business community in the field of the FEC upgrading. In this context, the key priority is to improve the oil industry technological level, to introduce better methods for extracting and processing hydrocarbons. Due to innovative technologies, Russia will be able to save considerable amounts of oil and, at the same time, become an exporter of recycled energy utilities. The following speakers - representatives of engineering firms and academic institutions covered the relevant developments: new power plant projects, mobile pipelines, etc. Furthermore, the meeting participants emphasized on the particular importance of the future projects - nuclear and alternative energy forms which will sooner or later come to replace the use of fossil resources.

The government should develop a legislative policy for supporting innovations in the energy sector, find the mechanisms for influencing the market that encourage the business community to finance and implement new solutions. This initiative should be coordinated between the ministries – first of all, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Economic Development.

Introducing the new technologies involves coming onto a new level of safety compliant with the environment and reliability requirements. Preventing the man-made disasters must begin with continuous monitoring of hazardous facilities – the Ministry of Energy has already taken the first steps in this direction: from the first quarter of next year on the Situation Center will start operating with the purpose of monitoring the FEC activities.

The important part of the plenary meeting was to discuss the objectives provided by the creation of the balance system for fuel and energy as well as material and technical resources of the industrial development of enterprises, industries and regions in the Russian Federation. For example, the progress of developing a system for analysis and control of reliability, safety and efficiency of energy supplies to energy consumers in the regions all along the process chain of using the fuel and energy resources (FER), i.e. extraction-transportation-storage-usage-waste recycling.

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